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S’raya has over 25 years experience and training within multiple modalities that help to promote optimal health and wellbeing specialising in Remedial Massage and Ancient Hawaiian Kahuna/ Lomi Lomi techniques to reduce pain and aid recovery from physical and emotional trauma due to injury, or illness. A state of deep relaxation and renewal will often be felt as a result of one of S’raya’s unique, intuitive massages.

HEALTH FUND REBATES are claimable for Remedial Massage.

Quantum Coaching

Quantum Coaching is ideally, a series of 12 sessions of 50 minutes, all of which are totally focused upon guiding you to living your best and most joyful life. We uncover together, your personal goals as well as your self-sabotage systems and ways to remove any major energy blocks such as fear, guilt, shame or grief…

Energy Enhancement System

The Health Ascension Energy Enhancement System (EES) provides the opportunity for deep rest and relaxation within an extremely high vibrational environment. This state-of-the-art technology was developed over 20 years by Dr Sandra Rose Michael, Ph.D, DNM, DCSJI, and research Biophysicist…

Health Products

A variety of unique and natural health and healing products are available.

Energy Enhancement System

A great 1 minute explanation by Michael Scalar.

Boosting the body’s electrical potential with higher cellular millivoltage levels ignites a robust healing.

Find your balance, energy & happiness the natural way.

About Me

S’raya has over 25 years of professional experience as an accredited Remedial Therapist, gaining her Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy in May 1994 from Nature Care College in Sydney. As a highly motivated health professional, S’raya is committed to drawing upon her extensive experience and training to help her clients achieve a state of optimal health and physical well-being. She provides an holistic approach to meeting her client’s needs:

Massage Therapies

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Remedial Massage

Bowen Therapy

Swedish Massage

Hahana Hot Stone

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi

Hawaiian Kahuna Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Pregnancy Massage


Sports Massage

Oncology Massage

Baby Massage (Instruction)

Massage Pricing


30 minutes - $62


60 minutes - $98


75 minutes - $125


90 minutes - $143


2 hours - $188


Health Fund rebates are claimable for Remedial Massage

Health Products

Edemasorb Kit

EDEMASORB is specifically designed for use upon stubborn post-injury swelling such as sprained ankles, knees and post-operative swelling.

EDEMASORB can also be used for the temporary relief of discomfort and pain caused by oedema as a result of other conditions such as reactive arthritis and gout.

The VIDEO below is a demonstration only, filmed in the beautiful Sunshine Coast Hinterland town of Mapleton, Queensland. In reality, the wrap needs to be applied just before bed and worn whilst lying down to ensure that it effectively stays in place. It is best worn overnight. 
Edemasorb Kit

Removes excess fluid

Provides a simple way to aid in the removal of excess fluid from sprains and strains, to relieve pressure and pain from swelling allowing for increased mobility and promoting faster recovery.

All Natural Ingredients

A bamboo-cotton blend terry-towelling sports-style reusable wrap and two disposable unbleached cotton calico packs filled with a natural crystalline form of Sodium Carbonate.

Locally Developed

A product developed and produced by Health Ascension Investments.

Exciting News!

Edemasorb is now used by the Sunshine Coast Falcons as part of their injury recovery strategy!

C60 Nindy Oil

(Health Ascension – Sole Distributor)


C60 Nindy Oil – 99.99% pure sublimed Buckminsterfullerene in Australian pure virgin organic olive oil available in our online shop.

c60 Nindy Oil - Health Ascension, sole distributor

Groundbreaking Research

Super-anti-oxidant health product for your personal research and for your pet, with a scientifically proven 172x the antioxidant potency of pure Vitamin C.

Certified Organic

Our C60 is dissolved at 85.6mg per 120ml of pure Australian certified-organic extra virgin olive oil (Aevoo) by continual magnetic stirring. It is then centrifuged and vacuum filtered. This process takes over two weeks to complete and is essential to guarantee the potency of the 99.99% ultra-pure sublimed C60.

Australian Made

Australian produced Nindy Oil is committed to creating the highest quality C60 product on the market worldwide.

Simply the best

I have been having massage on the Sunshine Coast for over thirty years, and I have been very impressed with the quality of so many Kahuna (Hawaï) massage therapists operating here.
But I have to admit that there is one lady who really stands out, her name is S’Raya from Health Ascension in Mapleton. Having a massage from her is a wonderful physical experience . She has an uncanny ability to spot and heal the sore muscles or tendons, and relax your all body . She is strong but not too firm, and her hands connections are incredible fluid and healing.
You will leave the room in a wonderful relax state, and promising to yourself that you will be back 🙏👌

– Dominique M (France)

Wonderful Hawaiian style massage - a must do!

What a wonderful Hawaiian/Kahuna massage with S’raya. It’s the second Kahuna I have had with S’raya and it’s an incredible experience where you feel S’raya put her heart and soul into the treatment. Couldn’t recommend more highly.

– archev (Melbourne)

A blessing

“S’raya is a godsend. She does amazing work and has helped me through many painful muscle and joint problems. She successfully adjusted an issue which had plagued me for months. I cannot but highly recommend her. Not only is she good at what she does but is a wonderful person as well. Thanks S’raya 🙏”

– Margie D

Best massage on the coast by far!

S’raya is an incredible massage therapist. She is skilled in many different therapies and has the unique ability to find knots and points of tension bringing relief from pain and muscle stiffness. I am so impressed I am now a regular! She is kind, thoughtful and really listens to what you need. Highly recommend.
– Nicole T (Sunshine Coast)

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